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Giving a home to a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. However, it is important you feel ready for, and understand, the commitment of taking on another life, one which will be totally dependent on you.

Although we do everything we can to make things as easy as possible for the animals in our care, some of them find it very difficult to cope in our busy, noisy kennel/cattery environment and we use Volunteer Fosterers who provide a loving and calm environment for dogs(in particular), but also on occasion, the cats. as we try to find their future home.


We’re always looking for some exceptional people to offer foster care to some of our shelter dogs as seen on this site. Our dogs sometimes require special attention if they need medical treatment, are feeling stressed in our kennels or we need to see how they get on in a home environment. Our Fosterers offer invaluable care whilst gaining skills, experience and an opportunity to give dogs the best opportunities to find new homes.

It takes a lot to be a Fosterer, and we’re so appreciative of those who give up their time and commitment to help us. By helping Second Chance Animal Rescue you will be playing a huge role in the lives of the dogs who come to our shelter looking for their new home. We are experiencing an increase in the number of dogs who require foster care, particularly bull breeds who really don’t enjoy a kennel environment. This means that some dogs who are put out to Fosterers do have behavioral issues and need to follow special programmes as they settle into a home environment.

SCAR Clare Adoption Procedure

If you would like to give a loving home to one of our dogs or cats, the first step is to phone us for a brief chat. You can contact Frances: Day Time – 065 6826033 Evening – 065 6826937 if you are interested in adopting a cat or dog. This is so we can find out a little bit about you, your household, your situation and the kind of dog or cat you are considering to adopt.

You should bring along everyone that lives with you, as it is important that everyone in your family is comfortable with the dog or cat you are adopting. If you already have a dog, you should bring them along too, so we can see if they will all get along together.

We will also need to carry out a homecheck or homevisit before you adopt your new pet. One of our staff or volunteers or a rescue closer to you will meet you at your house to have a chat with you about your daily routine, and your plans for your new pet. They will also need to meet the other people (and pets!) that live with you. They will need to see where your new pet will sleep. We would like all our dogs to be indoors living with the family and our cats and kittens to have the choice to be indoor and outdoor. If you are adopting a dog or puppy, they will also need to look at your garden, to ensure that it is fully enclosed.

You will be asked to sign an adoption form before taking your new pet home. This records your contact details and outlines your responsibilities to your new dog or cat. Your new pet will have been spayed/neutered, wormed and vaccinated while in our care. In many cases, the animal will have received additional veterinary treatment for illness or injury. The minimum donation for a dog or puppy is €120. If you are adopting a puppy that is too young to be neutered/spayed, we will cover the cost of the neutering when he/she is 6mths old. The minimum donation for a cat or kitten is €50. If you are adopting a kitten that is too young to be neutered/spayed, we will cover the cost of the neutering when he/she is 6mths old.